Precautions for Choosing a Good Shower

January 07,2022

Whenever night falls and you are tired, taking a comfortable hot bath is a good enjoyment. When the water touches the pores of the skin, it suddenly opens, refreshing, washing away the fatigue of the day and bringing rare relaxation.


Therefore, it is very important to choose a good shower. Today, let's talk about how to choose a good shower.




Look at selfie


Whether it is magnificent noble and elegant, or simple and low-key simple style. The style of the shower should adapt to the overall style of the bathroom. For young men and women in the current city, they like simplicity and monotony. They can choose the Nordic or modern style. Of course, this is not absolute. Some people like to take a different style, they can also choose their favorite shape to show their character.


Secondly, it depends on the electroplating process of the shower. To prevent corrosion, rust, and beauty, there are multi-layer coatings on the surface.


Choose the material, buy right, and don't buy wrong


The material of the shower is a key point, that is, whether it is the overall material or the main material. In the publicity slogans of some products, they will deliberately blur this concept. The overall material generally refers to the material of the faucet, handle, valve core, main round pipe, and other parts of the shower.


The main material is only the material used in the faucet of the shower, and the materials used in other parts may be non-marked.


For example, leading all copper and overall all copper are two different concepts. The all-copper faucet is one of the main parts of the shower. The faucet uses materials, and the rest of the copper parts may use galvanized stainless steel and other materials. The whole is copper, which means that the whole of the shower, including the faucet valve core, water outlet round hole, etc., all use copper.


Depending on the price, the budget determines the selection range


Generally, it is recommended to buy sprinklers with a price of about 1000-3000. The products are mature, stable quality, and cost-effective.


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