A toilet belongs to the sanitary appliance in the field of building water supply and drainage materials. The main technical feature of the utility model is that a cleaning plug is installed at the upper opening of the S-shaped water trap of the existing toilet, similar to installing an inspection port or a cleaning port on the drainage pipe to clear the blockage. After the toilet is blocked, the user can use the cleaning plug to clean the blockage conveniently, quickly and hygienically, which is economical and practical.

Washdown Two Piece Toilet

For all of your toilet needs, use our washdown two-piece toilet. Without sacrificing functionality, its streamlined, minimalist form gives any bathroom a touch of sophistication. Senior citizens and people of all ages can use this excellent toilet due to its comfortable height.

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Siphonic Two Piece Toilet

A stunning, top-notch toilet for your bathroom. The siphonic two-piece toilet has an exceptional flushing system that consistently provides a thorough and strong clean. It is made to benefit from an effective siphon movement that utilizes less water per flush compared to conventional gravity tanks. For home owners who wish to give their bathroom both flair and functionality, the two-piece toilet is the ideal option.

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Washdown One Piece Toilet

The flush toilet operates on a somewhat different principle. You might not be as popular in the US as the siphon toilet. However, this style of toilet flushing technology is used in many European toilets. Benefits of washdown toilets include: 1. It is very easy to install; all you need is a water pipe. 2. The direct flush toilet has a strong capacity for sewage discharge, a fast flushing speed, and a huge water flow because it generates thrust using compressed air.

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Intelligent Wall-Hung Ceramic Closet

A bathroom wall-hung ceramic toilet cabinet is a useful piece of furniture that may also bring style and comfort to your bathroom. Our solutions are made to save space and provide you a cleaner bathroom because space in your bathroom is a valuable resource. Additionally, it offers attractive finishes that are easily integrated with your bathroom's design, allowing you to utilize it as both a useful storage solution and a lovely adornment.

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