Floor Mounted Bathroom Cabinet
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  • custom floor cabinets, custom floor to ceiling cabinets, factory direct bathroom vanities for sale, custom bath cabinet, custom bath cabinets online

Floor Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinets come in two different structural varieties: floor-standing and hanging. The most conventional design is the floor-standing bathroom cabinet. It is more appropriate for usage in larger bathrooms because it takes up space on the floor. As long as it is positioned in an appropriate position, it can be correctly fitted with a mirror or basin if necessary. Installation is essentially trouble-free because the weight is directly supported by the ground.

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Our Floor Mounted Bathroom Cabinet has been designed to provide a high quality and efficient solution to your storage problems, it is designed for the storage of toiletries and personal items in the bathroom.

These sleekly designed cabinets are made of durable materials and come in a variety of sizes and finishes to complement your bathroom décor.

Advantages of floor mounted cabinet

Easy to install

In terms of structure, bathroom cabinets can be divided into two types: floor-standing and hanging. The floor-standing bathroom cabinet is the most traditional shape. Since it takes up space on the ground, it is more suitable for use in larger bathrooms. Since the weight is directly carried by the ground, there are almost no installation issues involved, as long as it is placed in a suitable position, it can be properly installed with a mirror or basin if necessary.

Good storage

The floor mounted bathroom cabinet has more internal space and can accommodate more things, thus bringing better storage. Like some frequently used things, you can put them on the countertop or in the upper drawer, and as for the rarely used things, you can store them in the lower layer. In contrast, although the hanging bathroom cabinet can save a part of the space on the ground, it also affects its own capacity, which is also a necessary sacrifice for indoor space.

Floor mounted bathroom cabinet purchase skills


When buying bathroom cabinets, composite boards such as fire-resistant boards, wear-resistant boards or high molecular weight polymers can be used as furniture surfaces. Also close to the color of solid wood. Check the bathroom cabinet materials, pay attention to the sliding rail cabinet, body hinges and other accessories test items to see if there is no noise and smooth. Whether the surface is resistant to high temperature and scratches.

Suitable style

floor mounted bathroom cabinet are available in both wall-mounted and floor-standing styles. floor mounted bathroom cabinet are suitable for modern bathrooms with ample space and separation of wet and dry. The biggest advantage of wall design is space saving, easy maintenance and disassembly. A hygienic corner. It provides reasonable space distribution by connecting multiple elements such as shelves, floor cabinets and storage cabinets, thereby effectively increasing the bathroom furniture washing and storage functions such as cosmetics and making the bathroom function more clear. 


floor mounted bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinets are mainly stylish, nostalgic, fresh, simple, and elegant bathroom cabinets with bold colors and designs, suitable for young owners to decorate. Nostalgic and elegant bathroom furniture is elegant and elegant, enhancing the taste of the bathroom. The fresh and natural bathroom cabinet is a classic of stylish bathroom cabinets. The design is not exaggerated, suitable for a variety of bathroom design styles, more choices of simple style, simple design. It makes the bathroom more refreshing and elegant, and it is also easy to match with a variety of different bathroom designs. Dark bathroom cabinets are more resistant to stains and will look less noticeable if the surface is slightly worn. In addition, choose a translucent mirror color to make the bathroom clear and cool.

How to maintain the floor-standing bathroom cabinet

  1. Avoid close to heat sources, power sources, water sources, and avoid direct sunlight;
  2. Do not touch gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents;
  3. Clean with pure cotton cloth and clean the carving seam with a brush;
  4. Solid wood door panels are best cleaned with furniture water wax;
  5. It is recommended to maintain the solid wood bathroom cabinet every half a month or so: cleaning, waxing, and maintaining a long-lasting bright color;
  6. Water overflow on the countertop should be avoided. Splashing water left to soak the door panel for a long time will cause deformation.
  7. The door and drawer of the bathroom cabinet should be opened with appropriate force, and do not open and close violently.

custom bath cabinets online

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All products are strong packaged by foam, carton, and wood support or wood case if necessary if the products are ceramic.



Q1: How about the packing of exported goods ?

A1: Packages : 5-ply corruagated carton+foam+bubble bag.

Q2: How long for the production days ?

A2: Base on your quantity ,normally it need 15-25 days.

Q3: What is the MOQ quantity for each design?

A3: The minimum order quantity hopefully is more than 5 sets for one design or custom design. Our Production Capacity >90,000 sets/month.

Q4: Can the products be customized ?

A4: According to different styles, the material can be customized.

Q5: Whats the matrials of the cabinetg made of ?

A5: Main cabiner by Eco-friendly plywood,some design by ceramic hand wash basin ,and some with rock tile top.

Q6: What countries do you mainly export to ?

A6: Our products 60% exported, such as: India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, Russia, More than 50 countries and regions including Azerbaijan, Ukraine, New Zealand, Venezuela, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Australia, Malaysia and Nepal.

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