factory direct bathroom vanities

Installing a cabinet in the bathroom can conveniently place some daily necessities such as towels, so that you can feel comfortable when going to the toilet and bathing, and it also helps to effectively save space in other areas of the home. You can install a cabinet in the bathroom of your home.

Our bathroom cabinets have two different structural forms: floor-mounted and wall-mounted; the material is mainly plywood series, because it is more stable and moisture-proof than MDF

Floor Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinets come in two different structural varieties: floor-standing and hanging. The most conventional design is the floor-standing bathroom cabinet. It is more appropriate for usage in larger bathrooms because it takes up space on the floor. As long as it is positioned in an appropriate position, it can be correctly fitted with a mirror or basin if necessary. Installation is essentially trouble-free because the weight is directly supported by the ground.

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