What Benefits Can Smart Toilets Bring us?

What Benefits Can Smart Toilets Bring us?

2022-04-12 16:38:36

With the current high requirements for the quality of life of the population, more and more people have begun to pay attention to smart toilets. But many people don't know much about this product. What benefits can smart toilets bring to us?


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Zero Touch


First of all, after the impact of the epidemic, most people have a new understanding of personal health and zero contact. The automatic flip function of the smart toilet can easily help us achieve non-contact operation.


Prevent Bacterial Growth


Thirdly, the antibacterial seat ring has banned auxiliary products such as seat ring pads and seat ring covers, effectively preventing cross-contamination. At the same time, the heating function of the smart toilet seat can maintain the temperature of the seat, allowing us to go to the toilet easily and comfortably.


In addition, the functions such as warm water cleaning and warm air drying of the smart toilet have changed the way of wiping with paper towels in the toilet.




After going to the toilet, start the buttocks or female cleaning function, thoroughly clean the residue after the toilet, and then use the warm air drying function after cleaning to keep the lower body comfortable, dry, clean, and hygienic, and effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria. The practice has proved that long-term use of warm water cleaning function can greatly relieve and improve hemorrhoids and constipation in patients.


At the same time, when people with diarrhea go to the toilet, frequent use of tissue to wipe it very easy to damage the perianal area, and severe cases will have symptoms such as bleeding. However, using the warm water cleaning function of the smart toilet can effectively protect the perianal area, relieve the pain of diarrhea, and greatly improve the bathroom life.


Automatic Sewage


The advent of the smart toilet is called the toilet revolution because it can effectively improve people's bathroom life. At the same time, the various humanized and practical functions of the smart toilet have changed the traditional toilet mode and subverted the bathroom living environment with a new bathroom space layout.


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