Installation Method of Stainless Steel Sink

Installation Method of Stainless Steel Sink

2022-03-31 15:20:40

Generally speaking, a sink is an appliance that holds water for us to wash food, tableware, and other daily necessities. Generally speaking, because the durability and cost performance of stainless steel is the best, many families use stainless steel sinks the most, so today we will focus on the installation method of stainless steel sinks.


stainless steel sink


Sink on stage


This kind of sink is mainly to fix the edges around it on the cabinet table, that is, the edges of the sink are exposed.


Its advantage is that it is easy to install. After all, it is directly embedded in it. As long as it is fixed with glass glue, there will be a problem. If the glass glue is separated for a long time, it will flow into the interior of the cabinet, and there may be a sanitary dead corner in the connecting place when cleaning.


Taichung sink


The form of this sink is to balance its corner position with the height of the cabinet panel, which will look more comfortable and harmonious.


Sink under the stage


This sink is all sunken under the cabinet panel. On the whole, the sink will look more natural and easy to clean. However, this installation method has to consider the bearing problem of the cabinet and the maintenance in the future, which will be more troublesome, and the cost of the initial installation will be more expensive than the above two. After all, the installation is the most time-consuming and labor-consuming.


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