How to Choose the Type of The Bathtub?

How to Choose the Type of The Bathtub?

2022-02-25 15:47:17

Bathrooms include bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, towel racks, etc. The type of bathtub has a very significant impact on the overall design of the bathroom. You can choose according to your preferences and convenience.


We offer several types below for you to choose from and list the pros and cons for you.


Freestanding bathtub


Freestanding bathtub

Advantages: The construction is very convenient, and it is easy to overhaul, and the replacement is also more convenient.


Disadvantages: a certain floor height is required, and the area of ​​the bathroom is required to be more than 20 square meters.


If your living location and bathroom size match, but you like convenience, this style is for you. If you want a massage, consider the customized Indoor freestanding Jacuzzi.


Skirted bathtub

Advantages: It is more convenient to install, the thermal insulation effect is better, and it is more beautiful.


Disadvantages: Cleaning is cumbersome and easy to bump.


If there are elderly and children at home and do not like cleaning, it is not recommended to buy this type.


Round bathtub

Advantages: Larger interior space and beautiful appearance.


Disadvantages: The space requirements are high, and the general family bathroom space is not enough to accommodate.


Built-in bathtub

Advantages: It is safe to use, and it is beautiful and atmospheric; it is convenient for bathing in and out.


Disadvantages: It is not easy to replace and repair, takes up a lot of space, and is expensive.


If you can afford it, this is a great opportunity to build a bathroom.


So, which type do you like?

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