Important questions about cera wash basin(Recommended)

September 11,2021

The wash basin is one of the important equipment in the bathroom, and its goodness will determine the mood of the day. The cera one piece wash basin is the most used, both in privacy and public places. But some are not ceramic materials. For example, in a coffee shop, you will find that the barista cleans the coffee distributor on the similar to stainless steel.


Because ceramic basins are used more frequently, many office people who have limited rent space will clean them on the cera one piece basin, such as cleaning OEM backpack, the cover of modular sofa and other heavy cloth and so on, which requires a higher quality guarantee . As a cera one piece wash basin wholesaler, what we are telling you in this article is mainly about some of the problems and solutions faced by ceramic wash basins. Now let's check it out.


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What are the materials of the wash basin

Ceramic is a more popular material. Ceramic basins are easier to clean. As long as they are not deliberately damaged, they are not prone to damage, and the chance of cracks is relatively small.


The artificial stone basin has a variety of styles to choose from. It has strong anti-shock performance and is not easy to be damaged. It can be used with the finished shower product of the bathroom.


How to deal with the cracks on the ceramic surface?

If the cracks in the ceramic basin are more obvious, we can directly apply the glass glue, but we need to pay attention to wait until the ceramic basin is dry before repairing. Then squeeze in the glass glue and spread it evenly along its cracks. After the glass glue is completely dry, it can be used.


If the cracks of the ceramic basin are not particularly obvious and relatively small, it will not affect the use. We can add a little bit of vinegar with salt, moisten it with a cotton swab and wipe it, and while rubbing it, the cracks will become smaller and lighter.


What should I do if the cera basin is leaking?

If there is a problem of water leakage in the ceramic basin, the repair agent can help us solve it. Before repairing, you also need to wipe the repaired area clean without water stains. If you have a professional tool, you can polish the area, then use the repair agent, add the same paint and mix it evenly, and apply it to the area that needs to be repaired.


Specifically, apply layer by layer, and each layer needs to be dried out before it can be applied, and it can be used after it is completely solidified in 24 hours.


Another method is to choose glass glue for repair. In the same way, squeeze the glass glue in along its gap, and then fill it. After a period of time, the glass glue is completely dry inside and out, and then use a knife to remove it. The excess glass glue can be removed.


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How to remove stains on ceramic wash basins

1. The correct cleaning agent can be easily removed, for example, put warm water into the washbasin, and then wipe the stained place with soap. Next, use a steel ball to wipe the stains, but you need to be careful with the steel ball. Don't use too much force, or it will easily leave scratches on the ceramic washbasin. You can also wipe it with a brush, and you will find the stains on the ceramic washbasin. It will dissolve slowly, and then rinse it with water, the washbasin will restore its luster.


2. In addition to soapy water, baking soda can also be used, and the decontamination ability of baking soda is also very good, and the cleaning effect is more significant. Just add a certain amount of baking soda to the clean water, pour it directly onto the washbasin, and wipe the inner wall of the washbasin with a soft towel, which is also very easy.


3. Don’t throw away the leftover tea bags when your family members drink them. This kind of tea can easily remove the stains on the ceramics. Just wipe the stains on the wash basin with the tea bags and you can easily remove them. You can go home and try it. .

What should I do if there is yellow dirt on the ceramic washbasin

1. Citric acid, some solutions contain citric acid, or use lemon slices to wipe the washbasin directly. After wiping, rinse with clean water again, the washbasin after washing becomes brighter and the gloss is very strong.


2. For yellow scum, you can add white vinegar to the baking soda, damp it with a rag, soak it in the solution of baking soda and white vinegar, and then use it to wipe the yellow scum. You can also put it in a place where there is yellow scum, wait one night and then wipe it, the yellow scum on it can be easily removed.

With the connection of VDE0207 cable and the machine, you can now also find more smart bathroom products. Now many basins and mirrors are sold together, and they have a display light design.


Master the above tips. If you have similar problems, I believe the tips in this article are very important to you. During the epidemic, it is also very important to keep your cera basin clean and tidy. In addition, wash your hands frequently and use the indoor thermometer for home to measure temperature to ensure your health. By the way, if you need a wholesaler specializing in cera one piece wash basin, welcome to contact us.


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